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London Private Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic

Pre Admission & Online Registration

Pre Admission

Before coming in for treatment, patients are assessed by a pre-assessment officer – a specifically trained nurse who carries out all the necessary checks and enquiries about the patient’s condition.

This information can be quite specialized, particularly for cancer or cardiac cases. It is added to the practical details of arrival and care so that when you come to the hospital, you can transfer through to your point of treatment with the minimum of entry procedure.

Any pre-assessment notes have already been made available to the treatment nursing staff and they are already familiar with your case history and needs when you go to the ward.

We would encourage each patient to complete a ‘Pre-Admission Health Questionnaire’ before coming to the hospital. This will save time on admission and enable us to assess your needs in advance. You can access the pre-admission health assessment here.

We would appreciate the form being returned to us as early as possible, preferably by the day before your admission. The forms can be returned as follows:

a. Scanned and then emailed to:

b. Faxed to 020 7486 0611

c. Posted to: 
Cardiac Pre-admission 3rd Floor
 The Harley Street Clinic 
35 Weymouth Street 
London W1G 8BJ (options a or b would be preferable for speed and reliability)

Online Registration

Patients are now able to complete their registration online that will save time when arriving at the Hospital.

Please allow at least 30 minutes between registering on the site and the appointment to allow us to process the registration.

Further information on the details required are explained at the beginning of the process. To register please click here and follow The Harley Street Clinic link.

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