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London Private Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic

Craniofacial Services

Craniofacial surgery involves the treatment of skull and facial deformities arising from birth or trauma as well as a number of acquired conditions.

At The Harley Street Clinic we have specialist consultants surgeons who investigate, diagnose and treat both adults and paediatrics at our state-of-the-art facilities.


Head deformities in adults are often related to defects that have resulted from neurosurgical procedures to relieve pressure on the brain following trauma or stroke. Patients are left with large defects to the skull with symptoms of headaches, tenderness and fear of further injuries to the head which requires them to wear a helmet. Though with the advancement in technology available to us custom made titanium metal implants are used to reconstruct the defects, thus avoiding the need to wear a protective helmet and alleviating pain and often improving and language function.

Other more complex defects which have involved loss of skin, muscle and bone after cancer surgery can be restored with implants.


Our consultants treat children with misshapen heads which is caused by pressure exerted to the head early in life or so called ‘positional plagiocephaly’. Moderate to severe cases are treated which may require corrective helmet therapy and physiotherapy.

More rarely, an early closure of the skull sutures lead to craniosynostosis, which may require a multi-disciplinary team to perform corrective surgery to improve the severely affected head shape. This procedure may be performed on babies as well as infants.

Conditions We Treat

  • Bite abnormalities and jaw/facial deformities with orthognathic surgery
  • Head & Neck trauma and secondary deformities
  • Impacted wisdom teeth and the removal of complicated teeth
  • Non melanoma skin cancers (including actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and Bowen’s disease)
  • Head & Neck cancer with Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
  • Cranial reconstruction
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders
  • Salivary gland disease
  • Oral cysts and tumours
  • Head & Neck and Lumps & Bumps
  • Nose reshaping (following trauma) with rhinoplasty
  • Cervicofacial infections
  • Other mouth problems such as infections and abscesses

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