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London Private Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic

Infection Control

At The Harley Street Clinic we are committed to minimise the risk of healthcare associated infection including MRSA for patients, visitors and staff.

We are dedicated in sustaining high quality patient care and in ensuring that it is fully compliant with the Care Quality Commission requirements and effective infection prevention and control practices throughout the Hospital.

Minimising the Risk

The Hospital has in place robust infection surveillance systems, a comprehensive programme of audit and ongoing training of staff at all levels in infection prevention and control. Our entire infection control procedures are embedded throughout our hospital; in every ward, team and service which are supervised and reinforced by our experienced and dedicated Infection Control Nurse and Consultant Medical Advisors, with dedicated link practitioners in each department.

High Quality Standards

Our commitment to the highest quality standard has successfully kept the incidence of healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile at very low levels for a number of years. We understand the prevention and control of infection a key component of patient safety and a critical indicator of the quality of services provided by our hospital. As part of HCA International, the Hospital has an infection control IT surveillance systems which links the patient electronic record and laboratory system and participates in all mandatory data submission requirements to Public Health England.

Our MRSA Ratings

All patients admitted to the Hospital including day cases are screened for MRSA. Should the patient be an MRSA carrier, the procedure may be deferred pending eradication/suppression treatment, or if clinically necessary to proceed, will be treated appropriately and nursed in isolation to reduce the possibility of transmission of healthcare staff or other patients.

  • The MRSA rate for the Hospital was 0% per 100,000 bed days compared to 1.1% for all NHS organisations with no cases reported in 2014
  • We have reported no cases of Clostridium difficile in 2014 with a rate of 0% per 100,000 bed days against 14.7 for trusts across the UK.

Other Factors Contributing to our high quality record:

  • Individual rooms with private en-suite facilities for all patients before and after any treatment or operation, unless the specialist resources of high dependency or intensive care are necessary
  • High nurse to patient ratios, increasing the time available for individual attention and ensuring the highest quality of care and hygiene
  • On-site cleaning staff who work to high specifications of hygiene and cleanliness, available 24 hours every day to respond to any need that may arise
  • A rapid and comprehensive room cleaning regime between the discharge of one patient and the admission of the next.