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London Private Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic

Introducing a new Treatment for Liver Cancer

We are pleased to announce that The Harley Street Clinic is now an authorised centre for ‘Chemosaturation Therapy’ – an innovative procedure for treating multi-focal diffused liver cancer.

In conjunction with Delcath Systems Ltd and LION – Interventional Oncology, we are holding a medical conference at the Royal Society of Medicine on Mon 26th Sept 2016. The clinical outcomes, which are performed at The Harley Street Clinic, will be discussed at this meeting.

A program for the evening can be viewed by clicking here.

Should you wish to register for this meeting please email:

Sultan Mahmood, Country Manager UK & Ireland, Delcath Systems UK Limited


What is Chemosaturation Therapy?

Chemosaturation Therapy is a new method of treating cancers in the liver. The concept of chemosaturation therapy is to temporarily isolate the liver from the body’s blood circulation and deliver concentrated doses of an anti-cancer drug directly to it, ‘saturating’ the entire organ. Once the liver is isolated from the rest of the body, the anti-cancer drug can be given at higher concentration levels than is possible in systemic chemotherapy. By delivering this drug to the entire liver, treatment can be administered to both visible tumours, as well as previously undetected micro-tumours, which are often too small to be detected by a scan.


First patients to receive Chemosaturation therapy

We treated our first patient earlier this year and currently have three more patients in the pipeline. There is currently only one other private hospital in the UK that provides this technique, however they specialise in the treatment of liver metastases originating from ocular melanoma. Interventionists at The Harley Street Clinic, on the other hand, hope to use the therapy to treat liver metastases from all primary cancers.

The Harley Street Clinic is the first hospital in the UK to use chemosaturation therapy for treating a patient with breast cancer. Since her second session in June, the patient has made an excellent recovery and the size of her tumour has reduced by 55%. She had surgery in August to resect the tumour, which previously was not possible.

As an additional treatment option for liver cancer patients, chemosaturation therapy has a very valuable role to play in both extending life and increasing quality of life. Due to the targeted nature of this treatment, the patient’s time in hospital is reduced, with less frequent visits needed and fewer side effects.

For more information on chemosaturation therapy, or to refer a patient, please contact T: 020 3811 3045