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London Private Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic

Case Studies

June 13th 2017

Mrs Danby’s life changing Chemosaturation Therapy treatment

Mrs Danby was diagnosed with liver metastasis in early 2015, and surgery was not an option. The Harley Street Clinic's Chemosaturation Therapy changed Mrs Danby's life.

Mrs Danby was diagnosed with liver metastasis (a secondary malignant growth) in early 2015, where she was told her breast cancer had spread to her liver. She had already received eight rounds of chemotherapy, a mastectomy and a course of radiotherapy, but the tumours had spread across the entire liver. This meant surgery was not an option for Mrs Danby.

After a lot of online research and reviewing similar patient stories, Mrs Danby attended The Christie Clinic in Manchester (part of HCA Healthcare UK) to review her options for targeted treatments to deal with the liver tumours. After considering many options her Medical Oncologist, Dr Greg Wilson recommended the option of Chemosaturation Therapy through The Harley Street Clinic in London.

Chemosaturation Therapy at The Harley Street Clinic

Chemosaturation Therapy is a method of treating cancers in the liver and is a procedure carried out under general anaesthetic. The aim of the therapy is to ‘isolate’ the liver from the body’s main blood supply and deliver a highly concentrated dose of an anti-cancer drug directly into the liver “saturating” the entire organ.

The blood leaving the liver is then directed outside of the body, where the anti-cancer drugs are filtered ad removed before the blood returns to the body. This treatment enables higher doses of the drug to be administered and both visible and undetected tumours are targeted.

The Harley Street Clinic treated Mrs Danby through Chemosaturation Therapy; first in November 2015, with the second course of treatment in May 2016, with our leading consultant Dr Julian Hague, Interventional Oncologist.

Unlike the more conventional treatments, Mrs Danby discovered that she had milder side effects, specifically compared to Chemotherapy, though as with most major surgery, she felt unwell for a couple of days, but released after no more than three days of her operation.

Chemosaturation Therapy was so successful in reducing the size of the tumour, that surgeons were able to remove the remaining tumours in August 2016.

Since receiving treatment at The Harley Street Clinic, Mrs Danby shows no evidence of any active cancer in the liver and is now feeling much better and is back at work part-time.

“Everyone at The Harley Street Clinic was lovely. I couldn’t fault the doctor or the anaesthetist, they were both amazing. I was initially scared at the thought of the treatment as it involved a major operation, but without Chemosaturation Therapy there is a possibility that I wouldn’t be here now. I am enjoying getting back to my normal routine, working and spending time with friends and family”.

Mrs J. Danby

“We are very hopeful that Chemosaturation Therapy will become an important treatment method for these patients. Our experience so far shows that with the right highly trained team, this is a safe procedure and is very well tolerated. Furthermore, unlike many other liver treatments, it can be repeated as needed without damaging the liver”.

Dr Julian Hague, Consultant Interventional Radiologist

For more information about Chemosaturation Therapy please visit our Chemosaturation page

Other Case Studies

February 20th 2017

Teenager beats cancer twice thanks to pioneering care at The Harley Street Clinic

When Kamal Khalifa developed a swollen knee, initially his parents were not concerned. As the 15-year-old was accident prone, they put the discomfort down to growing pains. However, an X-ray revealed a huge osteosarcoma tumour on his right knee, a rare type of cancer. His father Nageeb who was working for the United Nations at […]