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London Private Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic

Chemosaturation Therapy

What is chemosaturation therapy?

How does chemosaturation therapy help to treat liver



Chemosaturation therapy is a new treatment at The Harley Street Clinic that delivers a high dose of an anti-cancer drug

directly to the liver. We carry out this procedure at our Hospital under general anaesthesia. Because we only treat the

liver, you might not experience as many of the common side effects of chemotherapy. Usually the procedure requires an

inpatient stay of three to four days. For more information on liver cancer visit our liver cancer page.
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Chemosaturation therapy (Chemosat)

How can chemosaturation therapy help?

Chemosaturation therapy has been shown to help slow or reverse the growth of liver tumours from certain cancers, but it’s not a cure.

Chemosaturation therapy can treat primary liver cancer, which is cancer that started in the liver. It can also treat secondary liver cancer – cancer that started in a different part of the body and has now spread to the liver.


How does chemosaturation therapy work?

Chemosturation therapy has three steps:

  • Isolation: We temporarily isolate the blood in the liver from the rest of the body. Then we treat the liver with an anti-cancer drug in a much higher dose than traditional chemotherapy.
  • Saturation: It saturates the whole of the liver, so we can treat both visible cancer tumours and those too small to show up in a scan.
  • Filtration: We then direct the blood leaving the liver to filter outside the body, taking out most of the drug before the blood comes back in.


How long does chemosaturation therapy take?

The treatment usually takes about three to five hours and you’ll need to stay with us for a few days afterwards so we can keep an eye on you. Usually the procedure requires an inpatient stay of three to four days.


Who is suitable for chemosaturation therapy?

Chemosaturation therapy is suitable for patients with primary liver cancer and secondary/metastatic liver cancer: cancer that starts in a different part of the body and then spreads to the liver.

Whether we can give you chemosaturation therapy depends on quite a few things like the stage and grade of the cancer, as well as what treatments you’ve had in the past. We also look at your age and overall health.


What are the risks involved with this treatment?

As with any cancer therapy, treatment with chemosaturation therapy is associated with side effects. Please speak with your doctor for the full warnings and precautions associated with this procedure.



If you have any questions , please view our FAQ’s section or alternatively, if you would like to make an enquiry, please email us at

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Chemosaturation Therapy at The Harley Street Clinic